Our Lady of Guadalupe… Queen ...

-Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas, San Marcos

La imagen de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe es la imagen más honrada en América. El 12 de diciembre 12 m...

Mrs. Bush and Friends

Laura Bush Visits Area Missions

-Elizabeth O’Hara, RGC Editor


She could visit anywhere in Texas but Laura Bush spent a day touring the Ysleta Mission Trail....


El Paso Diocesan Priests Gather for...


-Elizabeth O’Hara, RGC Editor

All diocesan priests in the El Paso and West Texas area gathered in Mesilla, New Mexico for th...


Pilgrimage to Mt. Cristo Rey Marks ...

Pilgrimage to Mt. Cristo Rey Marks Monument’s 75th year

Mark your calendars!!

Oct. 24 is the annual pilgrimage to Mt.Cristo Rey in ...


Bishop column

All I Want for Christmas Is Two Priests

Thanks be to God this Christmas wish of mine will be granted even before we mark the great Feast of Christ’s Birth this year! I can’t...



Busquemos soluciones

En un colegio, no hace mucho tiempo, una joven estudiante confesó su asombro por la actitud de a...



Our Lady of Fatima Installation

-Father Saul Pacheco, Pastor

The commitment at Our Lady of Fatima in Van Horn, Texas continues to grow and their faith becomes str...



Progress 2014




Catholic Schools Moving Forward

By Sister Elizabeth Swartz, SSND

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Our new school year is well underway and teachers engag...


Pax Christi Film Series

December 14, 2014


The 1993 Parliament of World’s Religions was organized to celebrate, explore and r...

All I Want for Christmas Is Two Priests

Thanks be to God this Christmas wish of mine will be granted even before we mark the great Feast of Christ’s Birth this year! I can’t imagine a greater gift for this Diocese of El Paso than to add, not one, but two new young men, consecrated to

InSeitz By Bishop Mark J. Seitz

By Bishop Mark J. Seitz

God’s service; living signs of God’s love and care for us.

You are invited to the Cathedral of St. Patrick as at 10:00 a.m. on December 6th Deacons Gleen Carpe and Apolinar Samboni are Ordained to the Ministerial Priesthood. I rejoice in this early Christmas gift because priests are my primary collaborators in the work of making Jesus present to the world. But you, all you as members of the People of God here, should rejoice with me. Deacons Gleen and Apolinar are dedicating their lives to you. They are promising to make Christ present by the radical witness of their lives and especially by their celebration of the Sacraments.

They will make Christ present day by day in the Sacrifice of the Eucharist. They will render your children, Children of God in Baptism. They will offer Jesus’ love and mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They will prepare you for Marriage in the Church. They will anoint you when you are facing serious illness and bring you Jesus as Viaticum when you are dying. These two young servants of God will be there to listen to you when you need a wise and loving person to speak to. They will give you counsel. They will boldly preach God’s Word revealing that His Word is as timely and necessary as it was when Jesus and the Prophets first spoke that Word—just as great a challenge to the comfortable and a comfort to the sorrowing.Coat

Deacons Apolinar and Gleen are missionaries to us in a sense. Dcn. Apolinar arrived from Colombia and joined the St. Charles Seminary in January 2009. Dcn. Gleen came here from the Philippines and entered the seminary in the Fall of 2008. These young men responded to a quiet voice within them calling them to serve God’s people here—among a people they did not even know in a place they had never seen. Over the years of discernment and preparation they came to know us here in El Paso. Our vibrant Faith inspired them and our faults and frailties only served to make them love us more. These Fathers-to-be committed themselves to us and we, for our part, have made them our own.

For this reason I encourage you to fill the Cathedral on Saturday, the 6th. Join us even if you haven’t met them. Join in the prayer that all our Diocesan Church will offer for them that they will be always holy and joyful servants of the Lord and of His People. Rejoice with us in these living, breathing gifts God has sent us. Come, and I will share my early Christmas gift with you!

My best wishes to you for a fruitful Advent and a very Merry Christmas!

Bishop Mark J. Seitz


Dcn. Apolinar Samboni

Dcn. Apolinar Samboni

Dcn. Gleen Carpe

Dcn. Gleen Carpe

Todo lo que Quiero en Navidad son Dos Nuevos Sacerdotes

¡Gracias a Dios mi deseo para esta Navidad me será concedido aun antes de celebrar la gran Fiesta del Nacimiento de Cristo este año! No me puedo imaginar un regalo más grande para ésta Diócesis de El Paso que agregar, no uno, sino dos

InSeitz By Bishop Mark J. Seitz

By Bishop Mark J. Seitz

jóvenes, consagrados al servicio de Dios; signos vivientes del amor de Dios y el cuidado para nosotros.

Ustedes están cordialmente invitados a la Ordenación al Ministerio Presbiteral de los Diáconos Gleen Carpe y Apolinar Samboni, en la Catedral de San Patricio, el 6 de diciembre a las 10:00 de la mañana. Me llena de gozo este regalo de Navidad anticipado porque los sacerdotes son mis principales colaboradores en la labor de hacer presente a Jesús en el mundo. Pero ustedes, todos ustedes quienes son el Pueblo de Dios aquí también deben alegrase conmigo. El Diácono Gleen y el Diácono Apolinar están dedicando sus vidas a ustedes. Ellos prometen hacer a Cristo presente por el testimonio radical de sus vidas y especialmente por su celebración de los Sacramentos.

Ellos harán presente a Cristo día a día en el Sacrificio de la Eucaristía. Ellos presentarán a sus hijos, Hijos de Dios en el Bautismo. Ellos ofrecerán el amor y la misericordia de Dios en el Sacramento de la Reconciliación. Ellos los prepararán para el Matrimonio por la Iglesia. Ellos les ungirán cuando enfrenten enfermedades serias y les llevarán el Viático cuando ustedes estén falleciendo. Estos dos siervos de Dios estarán ahí para escucharles cuando necesiten a una persona amable con quien hablar. Ellos les darán consejos. Ellos predicarán la Palabra de Dios con valentía revelando que Su Palabra es tan oportuna y necesaria como lo era antes cuando Jesús y los Profetas pronunciaron primero esa palabra—justo un gran reto para los tranquilos y una tranquilidad para los que sufren.Coat

Los Diáconos Apolinar y Gleen son misioneros para nosotros. Ellos vinieron aquí hace algunos años, Apolinar llegó en el Otoño del 2008 de Colombia, y Gleen en enero del 2009 de las Filipinas. Estos jóvenes escucharon una sutil voz dentro de ellos llamándolos a servir al Pueblo de Dios aquí—entre la gente que ni siquiera conocían, en un lugar que nunca habían visto. A través de años de discernimiento y preparación llegaron a conocernos aquí en El Paso. Nuestra vibrante Fe los inspiró y nuestras faltas y debilidades solo sirvieron para que nos quisieran más. Estos futuros Padres se comprometieron a sí mismos con nosotros, por nuestra parte, los hemos tomado como parte de nuestra comunidad.

Por este motivo, les animo a que llenen la Catedral el sábado, día 6 de diciembre. Acompáñenos aunque aun no los conozcan. Únase a la plegaria donde la Iglesia Diocesana pide que ellos sean siempre santos y felices siervos del Señor y de Su Pueblo. Alégrense con nosotros en estos dones vivientes que Dios nos ha enviado. ¡Venga, y compartiré mi Navidad anticipada con ustedes! ¡Mis mejores deseos por un fructífero Adviento y una Feliz Navidad!

Obispo Mark J. Seitz


Dcn. Apolinar Samboni

Dcn. Apolinar Samboni

Dcn. Gleen Carpe

Dcn. Gleen Carpe

Our Lady of Fatima Installation

-Father Saul Pacheco, Pastor

The commitment at Our Lady of Fatima in Van Horn, Texas continues to grow and their faith becomes stronger as many lectors and extraordinary ministers of communion prepare to be installed by Bishop Mark Seitz on December 5th. After 25 years, these men and women will be the first in our rural communities to have completed the courses required by Tepeyac to be officially recognized for their dedication. The joy that has filled the hearts of the entire community is expressed in their enthusiasm to take part in this great accomplishment. This milestone has been reached because all of them are dedicated to their service and know that formation is vital for their growth as ministers of the church. The formation process began in February of this year and has continued throughout this fall semester. Many of our ministers are elderly or are not able to drive to El Paso to attend the classes at Tepeyac institute and therefore are grateful that the classes were given in the parish hall. This is a great moment for the community and an exciting time for the Diocese of El Paso.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish is honored to have helped Tepeyac Institute further its mission by reaching out to the rural communities in our diocese. Our community has many spiritual and pastoral gifts to offer anyone who is interested in growing in their faith and anyone who wishes to know more about us. The faith in our community is alive and is expressed by a deep sense of community and family. God has blessed us with many gifts and we would like to serve others by sharing them. We are committed to serving our Diocese and being part of its mission to announce the Gospel with our lives and in witnessing the blessings that God has given us. The following will be installed on December 5, 2014 at 6pm. Raúl Flores, Faustina Flores, Cosme Heredia, Hortensia Heredia, Julián Hernández, Letty Hernández, María Baeza, Eva Mendoza, Andrea Ramírez, Linda McDonald, Oscar Espinoza, Verónica Borrego, Juana Grado, Nena Carrillo, Lolo Sánchez, Penny Stevens, Martha Corrales, and Florinda Gomez.

Nuevos Ministros en Nuestro Señora de Fátima

-Padre Saul Pacheco, Pastor

El compromiso de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima en Van Horn, Texas sigue creciendo y su fe se sigue fortaleciendo ya que muchos lectores y ministros extraordinarios de la comunión se preparan para ser instalados por el Obispo Mark Seitz el 5 de diciembre. Después de 25 años, esos hombres y mujeres serán los primeros en haber cursado las clases requeridas por Tepeyac para ser reconocidos oficialmente por su dedicación. La alegría ha llenado los corazones de la comunidad entera y ha sido expresado en su entusiasmo a celebrar juntos este gran acontecimiento. Este logro se ha alcanzado porque ellos se han dedicado a su servicio y el saber que la formación es vital para su crecimiento como ministros de la iglesia. El proceso de formación inició en febrero de este año y concluyó este octubre pasado. Muchos de nuestros ministros son de la tercera edad o no se atreven a manejar a la ciudad de El Paso y están contentos porque las clases del Instituto Tepeyac fueron ofrecidas en el salón parroquial. Este es un gran momento para nuestra comunidad y para la Diócesis de El Paso.

La parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima se alegra de poder haber ayudado al Instituto Tepeyac a fomentar su misión y por llevar las clases a las comunidades rurales de la Diócesis. Nuestra comunidad tiene muchos dones espirituales y pastorales que ofrecemos a cualquiera que quiera enriquecer su fe y los que quieran saber más de nosotros. Nuestra fe está viva y se demuestra en el sentido de comunidad y familia que llevamos muy dentro de nosotros. Dios nos ha bendecido con una abundancia de dones y quisiéramos ponerlos al servicio de los demás. Estamos comprometidos al servicio de nuestra Diócesis en ser parte de la misión de anunciar el Evangelio con nuestras vidas y así ser testigos de las bendiciones que Dios nos ha enviado. Las siguientes personas serán instaladas el 5 de diciembre a las 6:00 pm; Raúl Flores, Faustina Flores, Cosme Heredia, Hortensia Heredia, Julián Hernández, Letty Hernández, María Baeza, Eva Mendoza, Andrea Ramírez, Linda McDonald, Oscar Espinoza, Verónica Borrego, Juana Grado, Nena Carrillo, Lolo Sánchez, Penny Stevens, Martha Corrales, y Florinda Gómez.

Pax Christi Film Series

December 14, 2014


The 1993 Parliament of World’s Religions was organized to celebrate, explore and reflect on the ways in which the world’s religions could confront the problems that threaten humanity. This film, narrated by Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn, tells the story of that extraordinary event.

Sunday, January 11


This hour-long documentary takes a serious look at the distrust and animosity that exists between Christians and Muslims. It also shows persons in those faith communities learning to understand one another and work together.

FREE ADMISSION (Donations are accepted)

This series of films on peace and justice themes is sponsored by Pax Christi El Paso and the Peace & Justice Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso.

El Pasoans Help Ebola-plagued West Africa

Pope Francis appealed to Catholics worldwide to help “annihilate” the Ebola virus and help the millions of people affected by the potentially deadly disease.

In turn, El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz asked El Paso Catholics to help provide assitance during a second collection held Nov. 15-16.

The collection (unknown at the time of this printing) was given to Catholic Relief Services and applied as the agency needed.

“The Catholic Church continues to maintain a presence in West Africa working in extraordinary ways to bring healing and consolation to those affected by the virus,” the bishop said.

Catholic Counseling Extends Beyond Parishioner Work

-Elizabeth O’Hara, RGC Editor

When an industrial accident claimed the lives of two El Paso men on Oct. 22, it was Catholic Counseling Service which was called in to provide emergency trauma debriefing help.

“We had witnesses who had seen the recovery (of the men). People who said, ‘I was just there, we had just finished cleaning up,’” said José Castrellón, head counselor of CCS. “There is survivors’ guilt.”

The men, Carlos Ramos, 34, and John Barrow, 40, died at the Roberto R. Bustamante Waste Water Treatment Plant. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still investigating the cause of the accident.

Castrellón said it may be surprising to learn CCS is called in to help in emergency situations that have no direct connection to the church. It is a great lesson for the UTEP students studying social work under his supervision.

“I think most people don’t think of CCS first,” said Jessica Garcia, a graduate student. “So many people need help but don’t know where to go. But we’re here for them.”

Garcia emphasized it is CCS’ mission to help people in need with various problems – abuse, addiction, depression – regardless of their faith.

“You help people find their resilience,” she said.

Castrellón said helping others, though not often easy, is one of the greatest Christian attributes one can show. He and his staff are eager to assist when called upon.

“Being there to help someone in pain and service them … that’s a spiritual event.”

Diocesan Director Highlights El Paso Laypeople Preps

The El Paso Diocese knows something about serving the underserved.

Photo courtesy: Fordham University

Photo courtesy: Fordham University

Dr. Veronica Rayas, diocesan director of religious formation, served on a panel discussion at her alma mater, Fordham University, on the topic, “Serving the Church on the Margins in America.”

The event brought together Fordham graduates to discuss their ministerial experiences which are funded by Catholic Extension Society of America.

“I highlighted the programs we’ve developed and also the fact that we are working in collaboration with Extension to send three women in our office to graduate school for a masters degree,” said Rayas. “Because El Paso does not have a Catholic University it can be a challenge for a lay person to achieve the theological foundation and education to be effective in her ministry.”

Rayas said Elia Cardenas and Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez are attending Catholic Theological Union online and in person over the summers and Karina Sandoval is studying at Boston College.

“Since the founding of Tepeyac Institute, El Paso is known around the country for preparing and training lay leaders in the church,” she said. “This effort with Extension to train and educate lay women is important because they have influential roles in the diocese.”

Kansas Sister to Work in El Paso

-Doug Weller, Special to the Rio Grande Catholic

Salina, KS — Sister Esther Pineda is leaving as director of the Office of Hispanic Ministry for the Diocese of Salina, KS to assume a new role for her congregation.6-3

She will leave at the end of October to move to El Paso, Texas, to oversee activities and programs at the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia.

The 10-bedroom house most recently has been used to house volunteers coming to El Paso to help with the influx of children migrating from Central America to the United States.

The sister who was operating the house became ill and returned to Concordia, and the congregation then had to decide if the house should continue to be made available and, if so, who could assume those duties.

“The call to the religious life is a call to be available when there is a necessity to which one can respond, to which one can become available to answer,” she said. “That has brought me to leave the diocese a little ahead of schedule.”

She had planned to retire from the diocese next summer after turning 75 but expected to continue working in the congregation’s Justice and Peace office in Salina, where she currently also works part time. She said she will continue to do that work from El Paso.

Because Spanish is her native language and she previously had ministered in El Paso, she said she felt she was the logical choice.

Sr. Esther said the congregation decided it was important to maintain the house and their presence in El Paso. The house is the remaining legacy of the congregation’s hospital ministry there; the building housed sisters who were nurses.

“A dream of mine is to have an inter-congregational community living there,” Sr. Esther said.

Obit: Fmr. Catholic School Superintendent Sister Lucia Daluz

Longtime Catholic school educator, Sister Mary Lucia Daluz, O.S.F., died Sept. 12.6-2

Sister Lucia served as principal at Blessed Sacrament School from 1982-1987. She then served as principal from 1988-1989 at St. Joseph. And in 1989, Bishop Raymundo Peña named Sr. Lucia to serve as Superintendent of Schools of the El Paso Diocese, a position she held until 1995. In 1994, the bishop sent Sr. Lucia to Russia and Lithuania where she was chosen to represent Region X of the National Catholic Education Association.

A native of Cavite City, Philippines, Sr. Lucia was one of seven children of Lucia and Jesus Daluz. According to her order, the Franciscan Sister of Our Lady Perpetual Hope, she was a young girl in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation of World War II. She shared that when the Americans arrived to end the war and the bombers were flying over, the people hid in the tall grass. Sr. Lucia was so excited that she stood up and started waving, and her family quickly pulled her down.

Sister attended the University of the Philippines, graduating in 1953 with a bachelor’s degree in education. She spent 50 years in the ministry of education. She enjoyed teaching middle school and high school in Missouri, Louisiana, New Mexico and here in El Paso. After receiving her master’s in administration, Sister Lucia served as principal in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Texas and Wyoming.

Sister retired from active ministry in 2007 to Mother of Perpetual Help Residence where she enjoyed reading, praying and playing the piano.