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Serving Parishes and Families in the Diocese of El Paso

If you have not made your pledge yet for the 2015 campaign, please so do today. We rely on parishioners such as you to meet our goal of $2,170,000. Thanks to the support of more than 10,000 donors, we only need $120,000 to reach the goal this year.

Your contribution – in any amount – is greatly appreciated.

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is the one diocesan-wide campaign that serves the needs of our people beyond the boundaries of any one parish. The Progress Campaign, which represents nearly 40% of all operating funds available to diocesan ministries, supports the pastoral, spiritual, educational and human service programs that benefit thousands of individuals throughout the 10 counties of our Diocese. The Diocese also advances the work of every parish with direct financial assistance such as grants and support services. Without the Progress Appeal, this vital work of the Church would not be possible.

Your Gift Will Help Fund

Tuition for the Diocese’s seminarians
Counseling services for troubled individuals
Training for a new class of deacon candidates
Programs that strengthen Catholic marriages and families
Ongoing formation of parish catechists
Faith based activities for children, youth and young adults
Evangelization Programs in Rural West Texas

Make your donation today to support the wonderful works of God in our community.

• Call 872-8412
• Log on to
• Send your gift to Bishop’s Annual Appeal
Post P.O. Box 17993, El Paso, Texas 79917
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Pilot program places kiosks in parishes for electronic giving

-Janine Young,, CEO, Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso 

This summer, the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso will launch a pilot program to introduce electronic giving in select parishes. Our goal is to give parishioners, especially millennials and young families, the RGC June pg 4_Page_7_Image_0003opportunity to donate to their parish using electronic kiosks.

Our Population and Giving Habits are Changing

El Paso is a young city. According to the 2010 census, 37% of El Pasoans are under the age 18 and more than 60% are between 18 and 64 years old. These statistics have significant implications for church attendance and collections and pose many challenges for parish administrators. How do you attract the young generation that is not in the habit of attending church regularly? How do you get them to give to the church? How do you communicate with the millennial generation?

Even middle-aged parishioners are moving toward electronic communication and bill pay as checks rapidly disappear. In just two years from 2005 to 2007, online bill payment increased by 30% in the United States. And smart phones and tablets are quickly replacing personal computers. Last year, 41% of all millennials used their smartphones to make at least one purchase. Amazingly, by the year 2020, 90% of the entire world’s population over 6 years old will have a smartphone!

Electronic Giving Will Provide Many Benefits to Parish Communities

The greatest benefit that the kiosks will provide to our churches is stability in collections. Electronic giving offers a recurring donation feature that allows families to schedule their church donations weekly, biweekly or monthly. Many churches report a significant decrease in collections, especially during the summer when families go out of town or are simply too busy with other activities. Electronic giving will allow parishioners to give to their home church regardless of where they are during the year.

A second benefit is convenience. Families can schedule their donations after Mass at the church kiosk or during the week from their homes through the kiosk website. They do not have to be concerned about missing out on their commitment to the church if they cannot attend Mass for any reason.

Finally, we believe introducing electronic giving to our parishes will help attract the younger generation. Millennials will be more likely to participate in church’s activities and donate when they can do so using the means and technology that they use in their daily lives. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti demonstrated the power of electronic giving with more than $30 million raised for relief efforts.

But Wait! Is This the Appropriate Way to Do Church?

For parishioners, there are two main concerns with electronic giving using church kiosks. The first is security. Will my information be secure? Yes! Online transactions, whether they are church donations or payments for a function such as dinners or raffle tickets, are safe and secure. Credit card companies have developed comprehensive guidelines for merchants who accept credit cards. They are required to comply with these guidelines in order to be approved for accepting payments with credit cards. The second concern is about the solemnity of the Mass. Won’t electronic giving interfere with the dignity of the Mass? What about the sense of community our parish enjoys by passing the basket and offering our gifts at the altar? Since the kiosks will be inconspicuously located in the church lobby, they will not interfere with Mass or be disrespectful to the sanctuary. Parishioners making donations through the kiosks will be provided a card that indicates they gave to the Sunday offering and which they can place in the collection basket along with fellow parishioners’ cash, checks and church envelopes.

How It Works

The kiosks will be launched in late July in two churches in east El Paso. Foundation and parish staff will be present to help you make your donations. You will have several options including giving by credit card or automatic bank withdrawal, setting up a recurring payment or a one-time donation, giving to your Sunday collection, building fund, school, or Bishop’s Annual Appeal, and either creating a user name for future donations or making a donation as a guest. Receipts will be sent to you through email.

Your parish will receive regular reports showing your donations so that a record of your giving will be available to your parish. In addition, your church can use the kiosks to share upcoming events and parish news with you such as information on your annual bazaar, car raffle, or other fundraiser. Finally, the kiosks are linked to the company’s website so you can make donations at home or through a mobile app on your smart phone. 100% of your donations will go to the collection or project you choose. All fees will be covered by the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso.

For more information, please contact the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso at (915) 872-8412.

Summer Is Here! Rejuvenate your Spirituality

– By Cynthia Trejo, Development Coordinator

Ah, summer is here. This means longer days and possibly more time on your hands.  Need some inspiration? Why not consider learning new skills, meeting new people and strengthening your spirituality throughRGC June pg 4_Page_7_Image_0005 Tepeyac’s summer events.

For 27 years, Tepeyac Institute has been spiritually enriching thousands of individuals with courses in theology, scripture, social justice and ministry formation.  Founded in 1988, it is a Roman Catholic Formation Center that serves 1,800 students each year with more than 1,000 individuals receiving certification to serve in their parishes.  The courses and programs offered by Tepeyac Institute help to strengthen and extend the presence of the Church through the training of lay ministers, deacons, priests, and religious women.  They also offer a Theology Certificate Program, on-line courses and pilgrimages.

This summer June 8-20, a variety of courses and workshops are being offered to develop a deeper understanding on how to live a spiritual life.  One can choose from courses like “Grief Dreams” – by Margarita Armendariz, “Be the Sacrament you Celebrate” – by Manny Barrios, and “PRAY. SERVE. GIVE – Our Faith in Action – by the staff at the Catholic Foundation.

After you have been spiritually rejuvenated by the courses and workshops, join them and others from our community on a diocesan pilgrimage. This pilgrimage experience is an 11 day sacred journey from July 21 – July 31, to Mexico City. Encounter, see, and experience the holy places of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato and Zacatecas.

There are lots of things to do this summer at Tepeyac. But most importantly you will be spiritually revitalized and ready for new growth.   Want more information on these upcoming summer events? Log on to

Did you know Tepeyac is one of the ministries of the Diocese of El Paso that is funded by your Progress donations?  Not only are your donations at work within each ministry, your donations are also helping parishes, lay ministers and individuals who are seeking to grow their faith and spiritually. Your Progress donations help to spiritually develop the community of El Paso.

We invite all the faithful throughout the Diocese of El Paso to consider taking a course at this year’s Tepeyac Summer Institute. Please also consider making a charitable gift offering today and participate in the 2015 Progress Appeal. Thank you for your support!



¡El verano está aquí! Rejuvenece tu Espiritualidad

– Por Cynthia Trejo, Coordinador de Desarrollo
-Traducción por Martha Marmolejo

Ah, el verano está aquí. Esto significa días más largos y posiblemente más tiempo en sus manos. ¿Necesita un poco de inspiración? ¿Por qué no considerar el aprendizaje de nuevas habilidades, conocer gente nuevaRGC June pg 4_Page_7_Image_0005 y el fortalecimiento de su espiritualidad a través de eventos de verano del Instituto Tepeyac?

Durante 27 años, el Instituto Tepeyac ha enriquecido espiritualmente a miles de personas con cursos de teología, escritura, justicia social y la formación de ministerios. Fundada en 1988, esta sirve como centro de formación católica y atiende a cerca de  1,800 estudiantes cada año y más de 1,000 personas reciben su certificación para servir en sus propias parroquias. Los cursos y programas ofrecidos por el Instituto Tepeyac, ayudan a fortalecer y ampliar la presencia de la Iglesia, a través de la formación de los ministros laicos, diáconos, sacerdotes, religiosos y religiosas, además de ofrecer programas de certificación de Teología, cursos en-línea y peregrinaciones.

Este verano, del 8 al 20 de junio, se ofrecerá una gran variedad de cursos y talleres para desarrollar una comprensión más profunda de cómo vivir una vida espiritual. Uno puede elegir entre cursos como “Grief Dreams” – por Margarita Armendáriz, “Sea el Sacramento que Celebra” – por Manny Barrios y “ORAR, SERVIR, DAR – Nuestra Fe en Acción – por el personal de la Fundación Católica.

Después de haber sido espiritualmente rejuvenecido por los cursos y talleres, únase a ellos y a los demás de nuestra comunidad en una peregrinación diocesana. Esta experiencia representa un viaje de 11 días en peregrinación sagrada, del 21 de julio 21 al 31 de julio 31, a la Ciudad de México. Encuentre, vea y experimente los lugares santos de la Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato y Zacatecas.

Hay un montón de cosas qué hacer este verano en el Instituto Tepeyac. Pero lo más importante es que usted estará espiritualmente revitalizado y listo para un nuevo crecimiento. ¿Desea usted más información sobre estos eventos del verano próximo? Ingrese a

¿Sabía usted que el Instituto Tepeyac es uno de los ministerios de la Diócesis de El Paso y que es financiado directamente por las donaciones que usted da a la Campaña de Progreso? No sólo están sus donaciones trabajando dentro de cada ministerio, sus donaciones están también ayudando a las parroquias, ministros laicos y personas que buscan hacer crecer su fe y espiritualidad. Sus donaciones a Progreso, ayudan a desarrollar espiritualmente la comunidad de El Paso.

Invitamos a todos los fieles en toda la Diócesis de El Paso, a que consideren tomar un curso en el Programa de Veranos del Instituto Tepeyac, este año. Por favor, considere hacer una ofrenda de dádiva caritativa/ donativo hoy y participe en la Campaña de Progreso; Apelación del Obispo 2015. ¡Gracias por su apoyo!



Devoción del Mes: El Sagrado Corazón

Traducción por Martha Marmolejo

La devoción al Sagrado Corazón, como la conocemos, comenzó alrededor del año 1672. En repetidas ocasiones, Jesús se apareció a Santa Margarita María de Alacoque, religiosa de la Orden de la Visitación de RGC June pg 4_Page_8_Image_0004Maria, en Francia y durante estas apariciones, le explicó la devoción a su Sagrado Corazón como Él quería que la gente lo practicara. Pidió ser honrado en el símbolo de su Corazón de carne; pidió actos de reparación, a la comunión frecuente, a la comunión en el primer viernes del mes y el mantenimiento de la Hora Santa.
Cuando la Iglesia Católica aprobó la devoción al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, no basó su acción sólo en las visiones de Santa Margarita María. La Iglesia aprobó la devoción por sus propios méritos. Sólo hay una persona en Jesús y esa persona era a la vez Dios y hombre. Su Corazón, también, es Divinidad – es el Corazón de Dios.
Hay dos cosas que siempre deben encontrarse juntos en la devoción al Sagrado Corazón: El Corazón de carne de Cristo y el amor de Cristo por nosotros. La verdadera devoción al Sagrado Corazón significa devoción al Divino Corazón de Cristo en la medida que su Corazón representa y recuerda su amor por nosotros.



Dios mío, te ofrezco todas mis oraciones, trabajos, alegrías y sufrimientos en unión con el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, por las intenciones de los que Él se declara a sí mismo y ofrece en el Santo Sacrificio de la Misa, en acción de gracias por sus favores, en reparación por mis pecados, y en humilde súplica por mi bienestar temporal y eterno, por las necesidades de nuestra santa Madre la Iglesia, por la conversión de los pecadores, y para el alivio de las pobres almas del purgatorio.

Where would Catholics be without priests?

By Cynthia Trejo, Development Coordinator

Did you, a family member or friend recently marry? Do you know someone that recently celebrated a baptismal or confirmation? Have you recently gone to reconciliation? What do all these have in common?RGC Center May 2015 _Page_7_Image_0005

The answer is our parish priests. Where would Catholics be without the gifts and talents of each individual priest that serve God’s people?

A parish priest celebrates daily Mass, hears confessions, gives marriage counseling, provides prenuptial counseling, gives spiritual direction, anoints and visits shut-ins and the sick in hospitals and nursing homes, teaches children and adults, baptizes, witnesses marriages, performs funerals and burials, gives blessings, provides leadership and helps build up a local community of faith.

Extensive training, formation and resources are provided to help those that are discerning the call into the priesthood. When a man enters the seminary their food, accommodations and academic costs are taken care of by the diocese. Each student receives an allowance to cover personal expenses such as books and clothes. The academic portion of seminary is a very important part of seminary training. The classes help them not only to be good priests, but also form the theological and philosophical foundation to help them minister to God’s people. Generally formation takes five to six years after college or nine years after high school. The costs vary with each individual, depending on their route to training and which seminary they attend, but typically it cost approximately $35,000 on average to train a seminarian.

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and the Vocations Office rely on our Catholic faith community to provide the financial support for these seminarians. Through your generous charitable donations to Progress, the Vocations Office and the other diocesan ministries receive the financial support needed continue their good works.Rio Grande April 2015_Page_17_Image_0001

Your support is needed now more than ever! We anticipate 23 seminarians in formation for the fall 2015 semester.
If you have not yet made a gift offering to Progress 2015 please prayerfully consider making a donation to Progress today. Your gift will help ensure the financial support of the seminarians and our future priests that this community so desperately needs.

Thank you for your support!



En donde estarían los católicos sin los Sacerdotes

Por Cynthia Trejo, Coordinadora de Desarrollo
Traducción por Martha Marmolejo

¿Usted, un familiar o un amigo recientemente se casó? ¿Conoce a alguien que recientemente haya celebrado un bautismo o una confirmación? ¿Ha ido usted recientemente a confesarse? ¿Qué tienen todos estos en RGC Center May 2015 _Page_7_Image_0005común?
La respuesta está en nuestros sacerdotes. ¿Dónde estarían los católicos sin los dones y talentos de cada uno de los sacerdotes que sirven al pueblo de Dios?
Los sacerdotes celebran la Misa diariamente, escuchan confesiones, dan consejería matrimonial, proporcionan asesoramiento prematrimonial, dan dirección espiritual, ungen y visitan a los enfermos en los hospitales y hogares de ancianos, enseñan a los niños y adultos, bautizan, atestiguan matrimonios, funerales y realizan entierros, dan bendiciones, proporcionan liderazgo y ayudan a construir una comunidad de fe local.
La diócesis provee amplio entrenamiento, formación y recursos para ayudar a aquellos que están discerniendo la llamada al sacerdocio. Cuando un hombre entra en el seminario sus alimentos, alojamiento y costos académicos son atendidos por la diócesis. Cada estudiante recibe una asignación para cubrir gastos personales, tales como libros y ropa. La parte académica del seminario es una parte muy importante de la formación en el seminario. Las clases les ayudan no sólo ser buenos sacerdotes, sino que también forman el fundamento teológico y filosófico para ayudarles a atender a la gente de Dios. Generalmente la formación dura entre cinco y seis años después de la universidad o nueve años después de la escuela secundaria. Los costos varían de acuerdo con cada individuo, dependiendo de su ruta a la formación y al seminario que asisten, pero normalmente cuesta alrededor de $35.000, o más en promedio para capacitar a un seminarista.
El Seminario San Carlos Borromeo y la Oficina de Vocaciones confían en nuestra comunidad de fe católica para proporcionar el apoyo financiero para estos seminaristas. A través de sus generosas donaciones de caridad para la Campaña de Progreso, la Oficina de Vocaciones y los otros ministerios diocesanos reciben el apoyo financiero necesario para continuar sus buenas obras.
¡Su apoyo es necesario ahora más que nunca! Anticipamos tener 23 seminaristas en formación para el semestre que inicia en otoño del 2015.Rio Grande April 2015_Page_17_Image_0001
Si usted todavía no ha hecho un donativo o promesa a la Campaña de Progreso 2015, por favor, póngalo en oración para que pueda usted hacerlo. Su donación ayudará a asegurar el apoyo financiero de los seminaristas y de nuestros futuros sacerdotes que esta comunidad necesita tan desesperadamente. ¡Gracias por su apoyo!




Live the Easter Celebration

-Cynthia Trejo/Development Coordinator

How does one live the Easter Celebration and what exactly does that mean? Easter, is the greatest and oldest Christian celebration worldwide. When we celebrate Easter we are celebrating the Rio Grande April 2015_Page_17_Image_0001resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How does Christ’s resurrection over 2000 years ago impact our lives today? Well, if Christ defeated death, and if death was meant to be the end, then what are we to be weary or fearful of today? When Christ resurrected, He changed everything for you, me and for all mankind. He presented us with a living hope and new life.

His triumph over death is our victory over every life challenge and we are to live in that victory. When health crisis, family hardships or struggles come, we preserve with confidence in the resurrection, and embrace Christ’s unwavering mercy and overflowing grace in all circumstances. When we encounter life’s disappointments and trials, we respond with steadfast faith, enveloped in peace knowing that Christ prevailed over all. When we see a brother or sister in need we fervently extend our hands with the same compassion that Christ gives us.

Christ is risen! That is the foundation of our faith. Breathe in the joy and the infinite possibilities of Christ’s resurrection. Proclaim victory over life’s pressures. Christ is alive when we respond to challenges with gratitude. He is alive when we respond with compassion and charity towards those in need. He is alive when we love as He loves. Live the Easter celebration by sharing Christ’s way of love. Believe it, live it and share it.

The ministries of the DIOCESE OF EL PASO rely on our generous blessings to reach out to our Catholic community. The Bishop’s Annual Progress Appeal provides the financial support for these ministries to reach out, evangelize and provide advocacy on behalf of those in need within our faith community.

If you have not yet made a gift offering to PROGRESS, we ask you to prayerfully consider giving a charitable donation. Your gift can be made as a one-time gift or can be fulfilled in monthly installments.

Thank you for your support. Please call (915) 872-8412 or visit our website at to make your pledge today or use the pledge form below.



Vive la Celebración de la Pascua

Por Cynthia Trejo
Traducción por Martha Marmolejo

¿Cómo se vive la Fiesta de Pascua y qué significa eso exactamente? La Pascua es la mayor y más antigua celebración cristiana en todo el mundo. Cuando celebramos la Pascua, celebramos la Rio Grande April 2015_Page_17_Image_0002resurrección de Jesucristo.

¿De qué manera la resurrección de Cristo, sucedida hace más de 2000 años atrás, impacta nuestras vidas hoy en día? Bueno, si Cristo venció a la muerte, y si la muerte estaba destinada a ser el final, entonces ¿de qué estamos fatigados o temerosos hoy? Cuando Cristo resucitó, Él cambió todo para usted, para mí y para toda la humanidad. Él nos presentó una esperanza y una nueva vida.

Su triunfo sobre la muerte, es victoria nuestra sobre todos los desafíos de la vida y tenemos que vivir en esa victoria. Cuando vengan las crisis de salud, de dificultades familiares o de diversas luchas, debemos de preservar la confianza en la resurrección y abrazar la inquebrantable misericordia y desbordante gracia de Cristo en todas las circunstancias. Cuando nos encontremos con decepciones y pruebas de la vida, respondamos con fe firme, envueltos en la paz, sabiendo que Cristo prevaleció sobre todo. Cuando veamos a un hermano o hermana en necesidad, extendamos fervientemente nuestras manos con la misma compasión que Cristo nos da.

¡Cristo ha resucitado! Ese es el fundamento de nuestra fe. Respirar en la alegría y las infinitas posibilidades de la resurrección de Cristo. Proclamar la victoria sobre las presiones de la vida. Cristo está vivo cuando respondemos a los retos con gratitud. Él está vivo cuando respondemos con compasión y caridad hacia los necesitados. Él está vivo cuando amamos como Él ama. Vive la celebración de la Pascua, compartiendo el camino del amor de Cristo. Créelo, vívelo y compártelo.

Los ministerios de la Diócesis de El Paso confían en nuestras generosas bendiciones para poder llegar a nuestra comunidad católica. La Campaña de Progreso, Apelación del Obispo, proporciona el apoyo financiero para estos ministerios y para que estos puedan llegar, evangelizar y proporcionar abogacía en nombre de los más necesitados en nuestra comunidad de fe.

He is risen!

Si usted todavía no ha hecho un donativo a PROGRESO, le pedimos que los considere en oración. Su donación se puede hacer como un donativo de una sola vez o puede pagarse en plazos mensuales.

Gracias por su apoyo. Favor de llamar al (915) 872- 8412 o visitarnos en wwww. para hacer su promesa hoy. O utilice el formato de promesa incluido abajo.



Leap of Faith

By: Sofía Larkin Appleby, Major Gifts Officer

The Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso is an independent, 501 (c) 3 non-profit established in 2001 by a group of visionary Catholic leaders to support the growing needs of our Catholic community. The Foundation receives and manages assets to provide perpetual funding for the parishes, schools, and ministries of the diocese.

A newly appointed board and committed volunteers hosted private gatherings in their homes to raise initial funds. Dedicated individuals took a leap of faith and collectively donated $177,000 inRio Grande April 2015_Page_20_Image_0002 seed money, including some members of the current Foundation Board of Directors and their spouses; Dr. Manny de la Rosa, Mike Miles, and Leroy Baeza from Ft. Davis, as well as Sister Helen Santamaria, S.L. and longtime Catholic donor Frank W. Gorman all gave willingly because they wanted to protect and provide for the diocese in perpetuity. That was 2001. The Catholic Legacy Fund value is now over $12 million, and the Foundation raises approximately $1.9 million each year through the Progress Appeal and $950,000 annually from outside grants.

The Foundation manages five programs: the Catholic Legacy Fund, the Foundation’s endowment program, Progress, the Bishop’s Annual Appeal which provides operational funds for diocesan ministries, and the Grants Development Office which seeks foundation and corporate grants for ministries, schools, and parishes. In addition to that, the Foundation promotes Stewardship as a way of life and the principles “Pray, Serve, Give” through training and materials for schools and parishes. Finally, there is the Foundation’s Scholarship Program, which supports the education of Foundation Scholars every year.

The overarching goal of the Foundation is to promote stewardship as a way of life. This year’s stewardship event, the 9th Annual Foundation of Faith Dinner featuring keynote speaker Father Gregory Boyle, S.J., set for Thursday, September 17 at the Convention Center from 6-9 p.m., hopes to once again bring the community together, celebrate our faith, and promote prayerful giving. Proceeds from the event will directly benefit the ongoing work of the Foundation for the Diocese of El Paso and diocesan initiatives.

In 2014 alone, the Foundation raised $5 million for endowment, Progress and through grants, and distributed $3,674,000 to parishes, ministries, and schools. The Foundation has a staff of 6 and is managed and supported by a 25-member Board of Directors.

El Paso’s Catholic foundation makes a measurable impact on the lives of thousands of people in our community and we have so many of you to thank for that. Continue to take a leap of faith, know that’s it is always possible to give in some capacity, and be a part of growing these programs. The future of the Church will be built, sustained and enhanced primarily through your continued charitable giving.

Contact Major Gifts Officer Sofía Larkin Appleby at 915.872.8412 or to set up a visit, a presentation on Stewardship, to discuss your giving options and to make your donations.