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World Youth Day a great message for all

By Anita Marta

Rio Grande Catholic

        Beyond cultural, social and language barriers, World Youth Day 2013 gathered almost four million people in Rio de Janeiro. It was a great joy for the youth of the Diocese of El Pasop7a to participate in World Youth Day activities, where seminarians and youth from several parishes of the Diocese of El Paso attended, along with Bishop Mark Joseph Seitz, who was in the group waiting for Pope Francis. Brenda Castañón from St. Mark Parish who will soon start her master degree, told the Rio Grande Catholic, she is astonished “by the magnitude the Catholic Church has, on how one person can gather almost four million people. I am impressed by the way Pope Francis addresses people, with such determination and at the same time with great love, saying: ‘youth today is hungry for money and power, so they are weak and malnourished.’ Pope Francis is sending us to feed on values, in the family, at school, and basically, everywhere we are. The journey is only a beginning to make changes in our lives.” All the youth at the gathering made plans to see each other at World Youth Day in Poland, they say the Holy Father have given them a very important responsibility and they hope to deliver results, that they must continue and persevere. Carlos Corral from Saint Charles Seminary, speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese, said: “it was an extraordinary experience,” that he loves Brazil and for this reason he studied Portuguese, which allowed him to move around the city more easily; however, he said “we all spoke the same language, we sang a hymn ‘Nuestro Padre Abraham’ in several languages – at the same time – but somehow we all understood each other.” He said he wanted to meet our Holy Father Pope Francis, and other youth, as well as the culture of that country. “When we were waiting for the pope, Bishop Mark was with us for hours, this meant a lot to all. How lucky we are to be Catholics!” Pope Francis addressed the youth in a simple way and asked them to be present before the needs of the society, and not to self-centered. Studies show that Brazil is the country with the highest Catholic population, followed by Mexico. (Source: Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life/CNS, updated March 13, 2013)