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We are Called Knights of Columbus


I came from a very Catholic family, and I believe my vocation to the priesthood started at home. I grew-up on the farm, and that is the reason I love nature. I am the youngest in the family and have three sisters. My parents are farm workers, I used to work on the farm too! After finishing high school, through the influence of some priests and seminarians, I decided to enter the seminary. What attracted me to do so, was the fact that a priest is a servant of God, who is willing to sacrifice his life for others in the name of love. My seminary training is helping me a lot in terms of growth and development. It is in the seminary that I learn to value relationships and to be more independent. I am the youngest in the family, so I grew-up being very dependent on my parents, but when I was in the seminary in my country,

Philippines, I learned how to wash my clothes using my bare hands, also learned to work with different personalities and communities outside the seminary. I have learned to value life and God.


Please pray for Glen and for more vocations in the Diocese of El Paso